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As anyone who watches Fox News, the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, is going to be a train wreck. Hartzler tweeted the following:

My hat’s off to Sen. Ted Cruz & Senate Republicans highlighting how ObamaCare is a train wreck hurting hardworking Americans & killing jobs.

On Monday, I received the following e-mail from the HR department at the university I teach.

On Sept 20, 2014, [the] Board of Governors voted to go with our existing health care provider Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  Overall premium increase to the plan this year is 1.6%.  Remarkable given that 1% of that increase is attributed to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  Individual and family plan increases will range from 1.47% to 2% depending on the option selected.

A 1% increase is due to Obamacare.  Terrible.

That raised an interesting question: what have been the increases for the last several years?

I asked.  Do you want to guess?

Here is the response I got back:

The increase for 2012 was 5.1%, for 2013 was 4.65% and as . . . mentioned [in the previous e-mail] it will be an overall of 1.6% for 2014.

What a train wreck!!!!

After 5.1% and 4.65% increases, Obamacare results in a 1.5% increase.

Obviously we are on the road to perdition.

What is happening with your employer-provided healthcare?