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A video from Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) on Syria:

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r): Hi, I wanted to give you an update on the situation in Syria. Since I’ve been back this we, uh, week I’ve sat in on over four hours of classified briefings and an additional, uh, two hours of briefings by Secretary of State, uh, John Kerry, uh, Department of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and, uh, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey on this, uh, situation.

Uh, obviously I’m looking at all of the information. And at this point I still do not see a direct U.S. interest in getting involved. And I see a lot of potential hazards for having military action. Uh, certainly there’s the possibility of retaliation that I’m concerned about that could draw us into an even further conflict in the Middle East. I’m also concerned about the cost of waging this war. We have, uh, significant defense cuts right now going on, uh, which is hampering our, our military and our national security. We are still at war in Afghanistan. And so at this time I still do not see, uh, a reason to get involved.

I very much appreciated all of the input that I have received from you. Thank you for phone calls, your e-mails, your responses to facebook. And I continue to want to hear from you.

As you know the President spoke last night about this situation and, uh, certainly I agree that these chemical, uh, attacks were severe atrocities. Uh, but yet there is really no clear ally in this civil war over there that we can get behind and, uh, I don’t see the, the benefit or wisdom of it at this time.

The Russians, as you know, have put forth a proposal, uh, that, uh, our country is looking at and I think that is wise to look into this idea of involving a U.N. Security Council agreement for Assad to give up his chemical weapons and for it to come under control of, uh, foreign United Nations, uh, forces, to be dismantled. Uh, but I, I have my doubts that that will transpire knowing the track history of Russia. But certainly it’s worthy to, uh, to pursue.

So I’m gonna to continue to be monitoring the situation and I welcome your input into this very, very important topic. Uh, thank you for, uh, the privilege of representing you and, uh, rest assured, I’m gonna continue to do due diligence and do all I can to stand for our military and for a strong national security. Have a good day.

Well, it appears that isolationism trumps defense sequestration.

So, if a state commits crimes against humanity and we’re really not into any of the other sides that we can get behind, we do what? Just asking.


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