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Representative Vicky Hartzler’s (r) Twitter and Facebook accounts are silent on Syria, unless you read constituent comments on a post about an unrelated event in the district. A sample:

….Representative Hartzler, I oppose the US taking ANY action in Syria. I would request that when you decide how you are going to vote on giving the President authority for any kind of strike, that you please not only share your position by newsletter, but that you also post that position here so your constituents know where you stand and why. Thank you.

….Since you are my representative, I am letting you know as a former vet, the wife and mother of soldier, not me only, but the troops are sick and tired of fighting these “wars” for you people to further your agenda! Strongly oppose ANY intervention into Syria! You have been very quiet about where you stand on this issue. And I would ask the people in our district to find a real legit. challenger to you for the next race as you do not represent the people, but the farmers and your own agenda!

It’s notable, also in the comments, that the teabagger base is not particularly interested in U.S. intervention in Syria.

Such a dilemma, reconciling the intent of President Obama, the interests of the military industrial complex, and the views of the isolationist right.

There is no mention of Syria in Representative Hartzler’s (r) weekly newsletter for August 24-30, 2013, though she did indicate in an interview posted on August 30th that she wanted Congress to weigh in on the issue.

What would Bibi want?