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Have you been thinking that the GOP-dominated Missouri lege’s unconstitutional efforts to “nullify” federal laws prove that that body is populated by idiots? The following tidbits – both of which are, by the way, pure hearsay – indicate that you might be right. You can take these gems for what they’re worth – I can’t confirm either, but they’re too funny to ignore.

According to an unnamed Democratic legislator, one of the not-so-bright GOP lights in Jefferson City – whose name he could not remember – prominently proclaimed the right to nullify federal laws because, get this, Missouri was a state before there was a federal government. Yep. I’ve often suspected that lots of the state-level GOPers were dead ignorant, but this takes the cake.

And that crazy gun bill that our GOPers are pushing? According to another source, even the NRA lobbyists have informally, when approached on the topic in the halls of the statehouse, refused to endorse it. The word is that they act like it’s poison.

Actually, there is some evidence that the hearsay about the NRA’s disquiet with Missouri’s extreme law may be true – as the New York Times reports:

The National Rifle Association, which has praised Mr. Nixon in the past for signing pro-gun legislation, has been silent about the new bill. Repeated calls to the organization were not returned.

Goes to show that when you let ignorant and crazy people write laws, you may get laws so obviously crazy that even ideological fellow travelers don’t want to be associated with them.

Sadly, several Democrats have indicated that they might be willing to vote to override the veto of this bill – not because they believe it’s a good idea, but because they’re so afraid of the gun nuts among their constituents that they believe they can’t afford to vote against gun enabling legislation. It doesn’t seem to bother them that allowing this bill to stand will force the state to pay the costs of the inevitable court challenges, but perhaps if someone pointed out to them that they might not lose NRA points if they voted against overriding Governor Nixon’s veto, it might help sway their minds?