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The reactionary/tea party wlng of the Republican Party is not stupid.  They understand that if Obamacare is implemented their philosophy of government will be shown to be a sham and they will be looking at decades in the wilderness and  being the disloyal opposition.

Freedom Works, a tea party astro-turf organization, is demanding that Republicans refuse to sign-on to a Continuing Resolution unless it defunds Obamacare. Freedom Works says:

The Continuing Resolution (CR) that allows funding for the federal government expires on September 30th and must be renewed in order for the doors to stay open in Washington. The CR is the best chance we will get to withdraw funds from ObamaCare. This can be done by attaching bills by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) or Congressman Tom Graves (R-GA) to the CR, which will totally defund ObamaCare.

I’m sure you want to know who in the Missouri delegation supports shutting down the government unless Obamacare is “totally defunded.”

They provide a score card:

Blunt is a co-sponsor.

In the House,

Graves is a signer.

Hartzler is a co-sponsor.

Luetkemeyer is a co-sponsor.

Smith is a co-sponsor.

Let’s remember what this means.  Those four Republicans are publically committed to shutting down the federal government if Obamacare is not completely defunded. Let’s go back to the “freedom” of health insurance companies denying insurance to pre-existing conditions.  Let’s go back to being a female as a pre-existing condition.  Let’s go back to having insurance companies spending less than 80% of their revenue on covering health care.

This is more embarrassing than some clown at the State Fair.