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Via Twitter:

Me ‏@Taunia_Adams

“You can either be for public education or for House Bill 253, but you can’t be both.” #HB253Deserters get it and we thank them. #HB253 3:18 PM – 16 Aug 13

Speaker Timothy Jones (r) is not having a good day.

Speaker Timothy Jones (r), working the crowd yesterday at the Missouri State Fair.

Also today, via Twitter:

Tony Messenger ‏@tonymess

Every time @SpeakerTimJones types “FACT”, what he means is, “I don’t have the votes.” #moleg #hb253 2:29 PM – 16 Aug 13


Yael T. Abouhalkah ‏@YaelTAbouhalkah 1h

@tonymess @SpeakerTimJones And I’m still waiting for links to those facts. 2:38 PM – 16 Aug 13

The St. Louis Post Dispatch and the Kansas City Star don’t appear to be particularly convinced.


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