Instructions, apparently from our corporate masters, along a U.S. highway in New Mexico.

Yeah, right, not with people like this:

Jul 30, 2013

Kenneth Pollack: If Only We Could Reinvade Iraq

By Michael Maiello at 1:31PM

….What stands out most in his survey, though, are not his specific policy proposals but the forlorn paragraph where he fantasizes about what he’d like to do if only pesky politics weren’t in the way:

“In an alternative universe, the United States might re-intervene in Iraq, redeploying tens of thousands of soldiers to restore everyone’s sense of safety and allowing the political process to heal again. In this universe, the United States is never going to intervene in Iraq again, nor will the Maliki government ever request that we do so.”

A decade has passed since Pollack’s pre-war advocacy and all Pollack really wants is another run at the cradle of civilization. But don’t worry, he assures us, nobody with any say in the matter will go there….

Fortunately for inside the beltway cocktail weenie circuit pundits most Americans can’t remember anything beyond last week’s faux reality television show.