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Campaign Finance: pay the piper, call the tune (April 25, 2013)

This is getting even better. Via Twitter:

Jason Hancock ‏@J_Hancock

Republican Reps. Thomson and Gannon, both former teachers, are no longer listed as members of the House Education Committee. #moleg 5:51 PM – 25 Apr 13

Fired Up! Missouri ‏@FiredUpMissouri

Meltdown in the #MOLeg as @SpeakerTimJones goes on a rampage, removing GOP teachers Gannon and Thomson from House Education committee. 6:16 PM – 25 Apr 13

Roy Temple ‏@roytemple

Given what @SpeakerTimJones is doing in public to please @Studentsfirst & Rex, it makes you wander what he’s doing behind closed doors.1:24 PM – 25 Apr 13

Pass the popcorn.