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Reliving and reinterpreting the 2012 U.S. Senate election in Missouri. What started it all, via Twitter:

Ryan Hite ‏@ryan_hite

Can’t believe they give this crazy airtime. RT @AlanColmes: Restrictive Pennsylvania Abortion Laws & Lack Of Enforcement Empowered Gosnell 7:47 PM – 12 Apr 13

A reply:

caitlin legacki @caitleg

@ryan_hite dude. You worked for Todd Akin. He’s seven different kinds of crazy. 8:08 PM – 12 Apr 13

An impartial sane person would probably agree.

“I insist, after you”:

Ryan Hite ‏@ryan_hite

@caitleg and you worked for Claire McCaskill – who wants to sell our country down the river 7 ways from Sunday. 9:03 PM – 12 Apr 13

So there.

Ryan Hite ‏@ryan_hite

@caitleg besides I’m not sure you’re one to point fingers on crazy and bad ideas. You defended enough. 9:04 PM – 12 Apr 13

So there. Again.

Interesting sleight of hand. Crazy or just bad? You decide.

A point of inquiry:

caitlin legacki ‏@caitleg

@ryan_hite how does a river run 7 ways? You’re not even making sense. Regardless, 55% of MO picked her over Akin. Means something, right? 9:04 PM – 12 Apr 13

caitlin legacki ‏@caitleg

@ryan_hite lol. Scoreboard 9:05 PM – 12 Apr 13

Now that you mention it:

Nov 6, 2012 General Election

U. S. Senator (3387 of 3387 Precincts Reported)

Claire McCaskill Democrat 1,494,125 54.8%

Todd Akin Republican 1,066,159 39.1%

Jonathan Dine Libertarian 165,468 6.1%



Ryan Hite ‏@ryan_hite

@caitleg if you put river and 7 ways together from that tweet you just proved my crazy point because you missed it. 9:07 PM – 12 Apr 13

That was the Twitter equivalent of “nanner nanner boo boo”.

caitlin legacki ‏@caitleg

@ryan_hite tell the truth. Are you drunk? 9:08 PM – 12 Apr 13

Okay, that one was mean. It’s not possible to get inebriated on Kool-Aid.

The test of a truly adept new media denizen is the speed of their retorts:

Ryan Hite ‏@ryan_hite

@caitleg that means people are more gullible than I’d hoped. Unfortunate but apparent 9:08 PM – 12 Apr 13

Waiting, waiting:

Ryan Hite ‏@ryan_hite

@caitleg tell the truth.. Do you actually buy this liberal logic you sell? Because no I haven’t touched a drop all night. 9:09 PM – 12 Apr 13

Okay. Another “nanner nanner boo boo” response.

A truly adept political operative knows how and when to stick the shiv in:

caitlin legacki ‏@caitleg

@ryan_hite they weren’t gullible. They were just completely horrified by Akin. Congrats on the SVU episode, btw. 9:10 PM – 12 Apr 13

That left a mark. Remind us again who became a national joke when they opened their mouth?

Ryan Hite ‏@ryan_hite

@caitleg completely horrified by what you all propagated.. That is true. It’s just unfortunate you had to destroy a decent mans reputation. 9:11 PM – 12 Apr 13

Because the evil opposition and media made Todd Akin (r) say what he said?

Wait for it, wait for it…:

Ryan Hite ‏@ryan_hite

@caitleg yeah and it figures that they Didn’t even quote it right in the episode. Leave it to the media. Lol 9:11 PM – 12 Apr 13

Blame the media, for the score! Lol.

caitlin legacki ‏@caitleg

@ryan_hite he did that pretty well on his own. 9:13 PM – 12

Uh, yep.

And from the political party which supposedly venerates personal responsibility?:

Ryan Hite ‏@ryan_hite

@caitleg actually no that part pretty much came from you all and unfortunately many high up in GoP too. What you all will do to win.. 9:18 PM – 12 Apr 13

Projection, it’s not just for movie theaters anymore.

Sarcasm, it’s not just for bloggers anymore:

caitlin legacki ‏@caitleg

@ryan_hite 🙁 9:19 PM – 12 Apr 13