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As we all know, Missouri’s God’s Own Party is deeply, deeply concerned that the Department of Revenue was making copies of Conceal and Carry Permits when permit holders were getting their driver’s license.

The KC Star has an editorial about how concerned sane people should be about this.  (It is behind a pay wall, so I won’t link to it.)

We also know how concerned the GOP is with privacy.  That is why they have approved a bill on first reading that welfare recipients in Missouri will have to submit to drug tests, to allow their tax returns to be reviewed, and to allow inquiries into the school attendance of their children.  And, let’s not forget the need to show approved government documents to vote.

The reason why this terrible breach of privacy was taking place was to see if people who had claimed a mental disability were also permit holders.

One would think that the GOP would approve of such an initiative.  After all, it is a well-known fact that we must crack down on the mentally ill getting guns.  And, the GOP is particularly concerned about welfare fraud.

So, one would think that this is an initiative the GOP would endorse.  

It is so hard to fathom how they think sometimes, isn’t it?