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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) had a (sort of) defender in a letter to the editor [subscription required] in yesterday’s Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal. We’re not quite sure. It could just be performance art:

4/2/2013 10:18:00 PM

Editor not fair to Hartzler

Letter to the Editor

This letter is in response to your March 11, 2013 editorial, again taking U. S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler to task for her votes on the Violence Against Women Act because you made a mistake in “reading the message” in a press release. I thought Peggy Nuckles’ cogent March 7 letter to the editor, in which she advised, “You owe her an apology,” would have straightened you out. Not so.


Leave Harry Truman out of it. He was a principled president. He would disagree with your baseless attacks against Vicky Hartzler.


[emphasis added]

Now those republicans sure love them some Harry Truman (D), don’t they?

Harry Truman, on republicans:

Address at the State Capitol in Denver  

September 20, 1948

….When I talk to you here today about Republicans, I am talking about the party that gets most of its campaign funds from the special interests in Wall Street. I am talking to you about the party that gave us the phony boom of the 1920’s, and the Hoover depression which followed it. I am talking to you about the party that gave us that Republican 80th Congress.

The Republican Party today is controlled by silent and cunning men who have a dangerous lust for power and privilege. The Republican Party is fundamentally the party of privilege. These men are now reaching out for control of the country and its resources….


The salient point in the March 7, 2013 letter to the editor from Peggy Nuckles (in part)?:

….Rep. Hartzler set her priorities and voted according to her beliefs. And you made it sound like she thought protecting women from violence was more important than her hatred of gays. You owe her an apology….

[emphasis added]

That there is a “cogent” letter.

Sarcasm can oftentimes escape the irony impaired.