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You know how the GOP geniuses that run the state legislature are proposing to gut the state income tax in order to benefit wealthy folks and corporations, while increasing the sales tax which will hit the poor and middle class where it hurts? The stated reason? Kansas is gung-ho to beggar itself with corporate tax cuts, and Missouri pols fear bordering business will move over the line into Kansas taking a few jobs with them.

If, however, a miracle should come to pass and the Missouri legislature should come to its senses in time to reject this abysmally stupid tax legislation, pols needn’t fear great losses to Kansas (actually, they probably don’t need to entertain that anxiety under any circumstances, but you know how Republicans are). In the light of anti-abortion “personhood” legislation moving rapidly through the Kansas legislature, hordes of families living there may want to relocate to Missouri and other surrounding states, bringing their skill-sets and businesses with them. Seems the Kansas legislature may actually go so far as to make the use birth-control potentially punishable under the law.

How could there not be a backlash if this actually happens? It’s hard to figure out how socially restrictive laws that make regular life difficult for the majority are ever conducive to economic growth. As Ed Kilgore puts it:

If regular Republican-voting Americans had any idea of the radical vision underlying such legislation – something straight out of the Handmaid’s Tale, folks – the solons supporting it wouldn’t even last until the next election. So you’d think they’d be extra careful about supporting efforts to ensure that most of the female population of the state of child-bearing age wouldn’t have to worry about being hauled off to the hoosegow and told they needed to get their procreative groove on or put an aspirin between their legs.

It will also be fun to watch how Kansas, already deficit-ridden thanks to its retrograde tax policies, will cope with the millions of dollars legal fees, etc. that are sure to follow passage of such very litigation-worthy legislation. Not so fun for Kansans though – those who have no choice but to remain in Tea-Party paradise, that is.