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A letter to the editor [subscription required] in yesterday’s Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal:

I had to chuckle when I saw the article carried by The Daily Star-Journal about the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act.


Vicky Hartzler, must have winced if she read this article because it seamlessly transitioned to the next paragraph in which she praised the act and took credit for helping it pass. You made it sound like Rep. Hartzler helped codify the law to protect gays and lesbians from domestic abuse.


When it looked like the version of the bill that she supported would fail and the version that protected gays and lesbians would pass, Ms. Hartzler made her choice. She would rather that no victim of domestic violence receive help from the federal government if lesbians were going to be included in that group. She voted no.

Rep. Hartzler set her priorities and voted according to her beliefs. And you made it sound like she thought protecting women from violence was more important than her hatred of gays. You owe her an apology.


[with permission of the author]

Public political sarcasm is definitely a high art form.


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