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Do you support Gov. Matt Blunt’s recent decision to cut Medicaid services for Missourians? Why or why not? What suggestions do you have for the Medicaid Task Force that is charged with redesigning the program?

I believe the Medicaid cuts went too far. I agree with the argument that too many people were abusing the program and diverting funds from those who truly needed help the most. However, I think the cuts may have gone too far in hurting our seniors and disabled. I believe we need to look at ways to provide our senior citizens and mentally ill with more affordable prescription drugs. We also need to re-examine our programs to help people who are on Medicaid get back to work. As State Representative I will also fight against allowing our Medicaid program to sunset.

“Smith seeks 150th District seat”. Rolla Daily News. October 19th, 2005.

It was late 2005, lots of people were saying zany things at the time. Youthful indiscretion.

Jason Smith is the nominee in Missouri’s 8th district (or they directly made him Congressman for life if you’re a DC-based political reporter who doesn’t think a 32 year old Congressman could ever think of running statewide in a few years).

Congrats to the current Lt. Governor on pulling himself ahead of Bob Parker while finishing in 2nd place for the nomination. Now that means the special election bill is gonna stall, right? Who’ll carry that bill in the 2014 session if Jason Smith is exiled to Washington DC? Suspense.

Last I checked, an election was still scheduled for June 5th, 2013. State Representative Linda Black of Bonne Terre is the most likely candidate to be nominated by the Democratic party next weekend at an undisclosed location.

(Also, the Libertarian Party nominated Bill Slantz of St. Charles today to carry the mantle of liberty and receiving random protest votes)