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Remember this?:

From: Representative Vicky Hartzler [….]

Date: Sun, May 27, 2012 at 7:00 AM

Subject: View From the Capitol – Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler’s Newsletter for the Week of May 21-25, 2012

To: [xxxxxxxxxx]


With the Memorial Day weekend comes the traditional start of the summer travel season. And the fact is gas prices are too high for many Missourians who cannot afford to take the family on vacation. It is time for the elected representatives of the people to take definitive actions to help seriously lower pump prices to allow Americans to spend more of their hard-earned money on paying the mortgage, putting food on the table, and – yes – enjoying that road trip with the family.

Gas prices are impacting the family budget. They have doubled since President Obama moved into the White House. Most economists agree that the price we pay at the pump is tied directly to supply and demand, meaning greater supply of gasoline would bring about much lower prices. Yet, President Obama has consistently stood in the way of efforts to increase supply. He has discouraged the use of American energy, put a moratorium on off-shore drilling, and delayed the issuing of drilling permits. His rejection of the Keystone pipeline project that would bring much-needed oil from Canada is the latest in a series of poor decisions to appease environmental extremists while increasing our dependency on Middle Eastern oil.


[emphasis added]

Prognostication fail.

The price of gasoline in west central Missouri in the late afternoon on Wednesday, January 9, 2012.


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