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It is a myth. Very similar to the confidence fairy. Wishing really, really hard that something exists can’t make it so.

From a 48 hour campaign finance report for Vicky Hartzler’s campaign in the 4th Congressional District filed at the Federal Election Commission:

10/31/2012 15 : 03

Image# 12961225424 [pdf]

Vicky Hartzler for Congress

Ann Wagner for Congress Transaction ID : 21031.C11087 10/30/2012 [$]1000.00

[emphasis added]

That’s a $1,000.00 endorsement from republican candidate (in Missouri’s 2nd Congressional District) Ann Wagner (r) of vouchers for Medicare, privatizing Social Security, USDA farm subsidies for large operations, navel oranges, and microchips in our toasters. Just to name a few.