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Senator Claire McCaskill (D) campaigned door to door this afternoon in the neighborhood she represented when she was in the Missouri General Assembly. She was accompanied by several young campaign workers, campaign staff, two reporters, several photographers, one blogger, and later, one Kansas City television affiliate videographer.

A number of times people out walking stopped to talk, or greet Senator McCaskill, or call out encouragement. Several people came out of their houses to see the senator when they noticed the crowd.

Several kids, on their way home from school noticed the commotion and called out across the street, “Are you Claire McCaskill?” The senator replied that she indeed was and called back, “Come on over.” They posed for pictures on their cell phones. One of the kids asked the senator to sign a Captain America action figure, which she did after a staffer found a Sharpie pen.

Definitely a supportive neighborhood.

Senator Claire McCaskill (D).

Checking out all that commotion behind Senator McCaskill.

[in response to a question]

Senator Claire McCaskill (D): ….Um, you know, it’s, it’s beautiful day. Uh, this is my old neighborhood. I’m feeling very nostalgic right now. Uh, I lived in this neighborhood, this is the first home I bought. And when I represented, um, part of Kansas City in the legislature this was my district. So, I’ve knocked on all these doors before. And so all those memories come flooding back. Um, and in those campaigns both my mom and my dad sometimes would walk with me. And they’d take one side of the street and I’d take the other side of the street. So, um, this is, this afternoon is full of memories, good memories for me. And it, it’s a, I think it’s a great way to kind of cap off the campaign, uh, where I’ve really tried to keep it focused on what Missouri families are suffering from and what they need in terms of us fixing problems that are never gonna be fixed by people at opposite ends of the room yelling at each other. It’s gonna take compromise.

Question: How have you been received out here?

Senator Claire McCaskill (D): You know, really warmly. Um, now, it’s a little more high tech now than when I knocked on doors many years ago. Um, now we’ve made phone calls. And so what we’re trying to do at this point in the campaign is encouraging our voters to turn out. And one last pass at some of the voters who hadn’t made up their mind. So, in the old days I’d knock on doors and lots of the doors I knocked on were very unfriendly because, um, chances were that, you know, someone maybe wasn’t, didn’t agree with you on things. Um, but, today, especially the people we’ve run into, just waking their, their dog and we’ve had a couple of moms with their children, uh, on this beautiful afternoon. And everyone’s been incredibly supportive. Thanks.

Question: Thanks.

Senator Claire McCaskill (D): Anything else from you guys?….

The gaggle of reporters, photographers and campaign staffers along with Senator Claire McCaskill (D) makes its way north to the next street.

The gaggle surrounds Senator McCaskill, a mother and child.