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Yesterday, at the Missouri Ethics Commission, another republican candidates for statewide office got his last minute $50,000.00.

Shane Schoeller (r), the republican candidate for Secretary of State, also got another chunk of change along with that $50,000.00:

C061132 11/01/2012 SCHOELLER FOR MISSOURI RSCL Missouri PAC 1800 Diagonal Rd Alexandria VA 22314 11/1/2012 $50,000.00

C061132 11/01/2012 SCHOELLER FOR MISSOURI Citizens for Diehl 2404 White Stable Road Town and Country MO 63131 11/1/2012 $10,000.00

[emphasis added]

That’s a total of $500,000.00 from the same folks (RSCL) in the past week. In a down ballot statewide race. That’s just obscene.

An ad for Jason Kander, the Democratic Party candidate for Secretary of State, illustrating the difference between the two:

Jason Kander: In November two thousand six I was serving in Afghanistan while America was voting. But I was able to mail in an absentee ballot and vote in the Democracy I was fighting to protect.

My opponent, Shane Schoeller, wants to outlaw absentee voting by mail, which will make it nearly impossible for soldiers serving overseas to vote. And that that’s not right.

I’m Jason Kander. As Secretary of State I’ll make sure everyone who’s eligible to vote can vote. especially soldiers like me.

Announcer: Jason Kander for Secretary of State.

Now, ask yourself, who would drop a half a million dollars to fund a republican right wingnut candidate for Secretary of State like Shane Schoeller (r) who would disenfranchise so many voters? Just asking.

There is a freakin’ difference.


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