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Saw the latest ad from Chris Koster’s (D) campaign for Attorney General during a commercial break for the early morning news:

Attorney General Chris Koster (D): The Attorney General is Missouri’s chief prosecutor and law enforcement officer. That’s been my career, prosecuting thousands of cases, from crooked stockbrokers to serial killers.

My opponent’s attack ads fail to mention he’s never prosecuted a single case in court. Not one. As Attorney General I’ll fight crime in a way my opponent never will.

Those are the issues and that’s the choice.

I’m Attorney General Chris Koster and I ask for your vote on November sixth.

When it comes down to it most voters want their office holders to just do the job well. Chris Koster’s campaign, through their ads, has been quite good at reinforcing that message with those voters.

You know, I’m almost feeling sorry for Ed Martin (r). Not really. I didn’t have you going for that feeling sorry part at all, did I?