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There is a big difference.

President Obama (D):

President Obama (D):  Uh, Lorena? Lorraine. Uh, we are a nation of immigrants. I, we’re just a few miles away from Ellis Island. We all understand what this country has become because talent from all around the world wants to come here. People are willing to take risks, people who want to build on their dreams and make sure their kids have an even bigger dreams than they have. But we’re also a nation of laws. So what I’ve said is we need to fix a broken immigration system, and I’ve done everything that I can on my own and sought cooperation from Congress to make sure that we fix this system. The first thing we did was to streamline the legal immigration system to reduce the backlog, make it easier, simpler, and cheaper for people who are waiting in line, obeying the law, to make sure that they can come here and contribute to our country, and that’s good for our economic growth. They’ll start new businesses, they’ll make things happen to create jobs here in the United States. Number two, we do have to deal with our border, so we put more border patrol on than anytime in history, and the flow of undocumented workers across the border is actually lower than it’s been in forty years. What I’ve also said is if we’re gonna go after folks who are here illegally, we should do it smartly and go after folks who are criminals, gang bangers, people who are hurting the community, not after students, not after folks who are here just because they’re trying to figure out how to feed their families, and that’s what we’ve done. And what I’ve also said is for young people who come here, brought here oftentimes by their parents, have gone to school here, pledged allegiance to the flag, think of this as their country, understand themselves as Americans in every way except having papers, then we should make sure that we give them a pathway to citizenship, and that’s what I’ve done administratively. Now, Governor Romney just said that, you know, he wants to help those young people, too, but during the Republican primary he said, I will veto the Dream Act that would allow these young people to have access. His main strategy during the Republican primary was to say we’re going to encourage self deportation, making life so miserable on folks that they’ll leave. He called the Arizona law a model for the nation, part of the Arizona law said that law enforcement officers could stop folks because they suspected maybe they looked like they might be undocumented workers. And check their papers. And you know what? If my daughter or yours looks to somebody like they’re not a citizen, I don’t want, I don’t want to empower somebody like that. So we can fix this system in a comprehensive way, and when Governor Romney says the challenge is, well, President Obama didn’t try, that’s not true. I sat down with Democrats and Republicans at the beginning of my term and I said, let’s fix this system, including senators previously who supported it on the Republican side. But it’s very hard for Republicans in Congress to support comprehensive immigration reform if their standard bearer has said that this is not something I’m interested in supporting. …

Mitt Romney (r):

Mitt Romney (r): ….I was not the standard bearer. My, my view is that this President should have honored his promise to, to do as he said. Now, let me mention one other thing, and that is self deportation, says let, let people make their own choice, what I was saying is we’re not going to round up twelve million people, undocumented illegals and take them out of the nation. Instead, let people make their own choice, and if they, if they find that, that they can’t get the benefits here that they want and they can’t, and they can’t find the job they want, then they will make a decision to go a place where, where they have better opportunities, but I’m not in favor of rounding up people and, and, and taking them out of this country. I am in favor, as the President has said, and I agree with him, which is that if people have committed crimes we gotta get ’em out of this country. Let me mention something else the President said, it was a….

A big difference.