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Teresa Hensley (D) – in Warrensburg – September 19, 2012 (September 19, 2012)

Teresa Hensley (D): “…they absolutely told us who they were and what they stand for.” (September 20, 2011)

Cass County Prosecutor and 4th Congressional District Democratic Party candidate Teresa Hensley spoke on Wednesday on the campus of the University of Central Missouri as a guest of student Democrats.

Cass County Prosecutor and 4th Congressional District Democratic Party candidate Teresa Hensley,

speaking in Warrensburg on the campus of the University of Central Missouri on September 19, 2012.



Cass County Prosecutor (and 4th Congressional District candidate) Teresa Hensley (D): ….I’m happy to talk about anything you want to talk about and open it up to questions. Yes, ma’am.

Question: Um, I am a graduate of [xxxx], I’ve lived in Cass County all my life. So, I know a lot of the people there and I think one, well, a couple of issues that are something that we would really be interested in what you have to say. Take the Obamacare and abortion. I think those, since we are in such a conservative county, you know, I would just be interested on your thoughts on those two issues.

Teresa Hensley: [….] So, your first question is the Affordable Care Act.  [voice: “Um, hm.”] And let’s be real about the Affordable Care Act, the Supreme Court has decided on that. It, it’s not an issue anymore, the Supreme Court has decided that it is in place. And to be quite honest, you know, when they do surveys around the country and when they did a survey in this district, as conservative as, as people want to believe this district is, when they started talking about the components, when they talk about the fact that, you know, a student, uh, someone’s child, can stay on until they’re twenty-six years old, or when you can have preexisting conditions be insured, people start listening to the components of the Affordable Care Act, they’re in favor of it. Even people who would say, I don’t want Obamacare, when you start explaining to them the benefits, they’re in favor of every benefit. [voice: “When they understand what it means.”] When they understand what it means. And so, you know, it is about us doing a better job of, of telling people what the Affordable Care Act really is and what good it does for them.

Uh, with respect to abortion, you know, I am pro choice. And as a prosecutor I’ve sat with a lot of victims who have been victims of both rape and incest. And I absolutely believe they should have a right to make that decision with their doctor and their pastor and it’s not for someone else to make that decision. So, I am pro choice….

….Question: I was listening to a radio show today and they were talking to some folks down south in Texas that were all concerned about, uh, U.N. treaties and, and taking weapons and, and gun control type issues. Uh, I, I know you’re a hunter and for the Second Amendment, but I just kinda want to, uh, you know, if you were in Congress how would you feel about such things? Or when you get to Congress, right? I hope, I certainly hope so.

Teresa Hensley (D): But, you know, I, I do have my CCW [concealed carry endorsement]. I, I actually promote CCW classes in, uh, my, uh, Prosecutor’s Office. We, we set them up so that, that women can, and usually, we’re, we’re designing them for women to come do that. I like the fact that, uh, women should have, uh, even if they don’t intend to carry, the CCW classes we do are not intended for every woman to carry a gun. But they are intended for them to come to the class, to have loaded a gun, touched a gun, shot a gun, understood what it meant to be around one, uh, so they’re not completely scared of them. So, uh, we have sponsored a lot of CCW, uh, classes.

I have my CCW permit, and it’s carry a concealed weapon, uh, permit as a prosecutor. Uh, I do trap and skeet. I was doing trap and skeet once a week until I decided to run for Congress. And I haven’t gotten to really go do that. Again, so one of my hobbies has, uh, has gone away for a while and I hope to get to do that again.

Um, I do think that, and I, I, in the Prosecutor’s Office, watched enough times, read enough reports where someone has gone into someone else’s house. In the Prosecutor’s  Office a home invasion case is about as serious to me as about any case you can have. In our homes we ought to feel safe. We ought not have to worry that someone’s going to come in. And we ought to be able to protect ourselves in our homes. There’s just no doubt about it. And so, uh, the ability to have a gun in my home and know that I can protect myself in that home I think is paramount. Uh, but then, when we’re starting to talk about assault weapons we’re getting to a whole ‘nother issue. And so, again, it is about Congress coming together and actually being reasonable and rational and talking about things that, uh, you know, when you still protect our freedoms, to have a gun, uh, while still avoiding having the incidents that we’ve had….