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Want some fun reading? Those who enjoy the excesses of St. Louisian Dana Loesch should take a look at Jeremy Stahl’s reprisal of her on-again, off-again support for Rep. Todd Akin since his “legitimate rape” gaffe. In Stahl’s words, “Loesch’s Twitter account was like a real-time barometer of Akin’s falling position within the party, but appearing on a weird 24-hour delay.”

Loesch’s response to  Stahl was in line with what we have learned to expect, shrill while managing to avoid substance. According to Stahl:

Loesch and I got in a little [Twitter] tiff in which she ultimately concluded that I was an “illiterate” moron and potentially “high” on drugs

The upshot, though, is that it’s highly likely that Loesch will be following Newt Gingrich back into the Akin sheep-fold – nor do I expect that she’ll be the last GOPer to shamble on over if/when it becomes clear that Akin isn’t going anywhere  – at least not until after November 6. After all, what are they going to do – sit back and let McCaskill run away with the election after they worked so hard to get the state riled up over the healthcare and death panel mongering socialist in the White House? A successful snow-job is a terrible thing to waste.

UPDATE:  What did I say about the coming GOP about face on Akin and Loesch as a harbringer of better days to come for Brother Todd?  It’s happening even sooner than I thought – there’s still several days to go until the 25th and already Jim DeMint thinks it’s time  for the NRSC to reconsider and apologize for the snit GOPers threw after Akin misspoke and put the GOP party platform front and center:

DeMint said the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), which has pulled its funding from the Missouri race, should reconsider its decision if Akin continues his candidacy.

The senator said backing Akin in Missouri, a red state, might be a better bet for winning a GOP seat than pouring money into blue states such as Maine and Hawaii that are likely to go for President Obama in November.

“I’m certainly looking at the race now. Todd’s a good conservative; he’s been a good representative for a long time. He did make a mistake and said it was a mistake,” DeMint said.