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We thought we’d take a look at Federal Election Commission 48 Hour Notices (FEC Form 6) in the 4th Congressional District race over the last few weeks (since the last quarterly report).

For Vicky Hartzler (r):

07/20/2012 16 : 44 Image# 12952568639

Billy Long For Congress 1675 E Seminole St Ste F Springfield MO 65804-2454 Transaction ID : 20720.C10070 07/20/2012 [$]1000.00

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of KC PAC 2301 Main Street Kansas City MO 64108 Transaction ID : 20719.C10067 07/19/2012 [$]2000.00

Elloine Clark 3838 Oak Lawn Ave. Suite 911 Dallas TX 75219 Transaction ID : 20720.C10068 Retired 07/20/2012 [$]2500.00

Gerald Chip Cook 2015 E Dale St Springfield MO 65803-4637 Transaction ID : 20720.C10069 Loren Cook Company Chairman 07/20/2012 [$]1000.00

Mark Sutherland 4000 Main St Kansas City MO 64111-2313 Transaction ID : 20719.C10066 Sutherland Lumber Co. Owner 07/19/2012 [$]1000.00

[emphasis added]

07/26/2012 14 : 24 Image# 12971833881

Barry Corona 1124 Tamaron Place St Louis MO 63131 Transaction ID : 20725.C10090 Production Products President 07/25/2012 [$]2500.00

Friends of Joe Pitts PO Box 775 Unionville PA 19375 Transaction ID : 20726.C10092 07/25/2012 [$]1000.00

Daniel Gaffney 16823 Chesterfield Bluff Cir. Chesterfield MO 63005 Transaction ID : 20725.C10089 Production Products Vice President 07/25/2012 [$]2500.00

Jeffrey Sutton 23908 E 355th St Archie MO 64725 Transaction ID : 20725.C10088 Sutton Trucking, Inc. Owner 07/25/2012 [$]1000.00

Thoroughbred PAC PO Box 65116 Washington DC 20035 Transaction ID : 20726.C10091 07/25/2012 [$]2000.00

[emphasis added]

Thoroughbred PAC? That would be Congressman Ed Whitfield (r):

Imperial President?

by U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield (KY-01)

Jun 21, 2012

I’m beginning to think that President Barack Obama believes he is an “Imperial President,” that he has to answer to no one else, and that there are no other branches of government.  

The campaign critic of extending executive power has now issued more than 100 Executive Orders….

That could explain this.

The FEC reports continue:

07/30/2012 16 : 51 Image# 12952600121

Jerry Schnelle 613 Route V V Golden City MO 64747 Transaction ID : 20730.C10134 Self-employed Farmer 07/28/2012 [$]2000.00

[emphasis added]

08/01/2012 15 : 38 Image# 12952603006

Dealers Election Action Committee 8400 Westpark Drive McLean VA 22102 Transaction ID : 20801.C10136 07/31/2012 [$]2500.00

Judy Wood 17701 South Timber Ridge Road Belton MO 64012 Transaction ID : 20801.C10135 Homemaker 07/30/2012 [$]2500.00

[emphasis added]

08/03/2012 12 : 45 Image# 12952612402

Glen Dieckmann PO Box 95 Levasy MO 64066-0095 Transaction ID : 20803.C10156 Lafayette Truck & Trailer Owner 08/03/2012 [$]1000.00

Lone Star Leadership Pac 7315 Wisconsin Avenue Bethesda MD 20814 Transaction ID : 20803.C10153 PAC 08/02/2012 [$]1000.00

Edward Jones Pac 12555 Manchester Road St Louis MO 63131 Transaction ID : 20803.C10155 08/02/2012 [$]2500.00

Pete Sessions for Congress PO Box 823047 Dallas TX 75382 Transaction ID : 20803.C10154 08/02/2012 [$]2000.00

[emphasis added]

Lone Star leadership PAC? That would be Congressman Michael Burgess (r) [from 2011]:

GOP Rep: Obama Impeachment ‘Needs To Happen’

By Tanya Somanader on Aug 9, 2011 at 11:20 am

At a town hall meeting yesterday, a Tea Party member urged Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) to bring impeachment proceedings against President Obama in the House. Burgess replied, “It needs to happen, and I agree with you it would tie things up…No question about that.” When asked to clarify, Burgess said he wasn’t sure what the proper charges to bring against Obama would be, but reiterated his support for such a move. “We need to tie things up,” he said. “The longer we allow the damage to continue unchecked, the worse things are going to be for us.” Burgess joins numerous House Republicans in their impeachment-saber rattling.

That Congressman Pete Sessions (r)? [from 2008]:

PACs put the fun in fundraising

by Steve Henn

Marketplace for Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Sessions: That’s right, we do a Las Vegas fundraiser every year and not only raise money, but see Las Vegas. It’s a beautiful town.

Henn: Forty Deuce is a strip club.

Sessions: You know, I’ve never seen that. It is what I would call a burlesque show where there’s a woman who comes out and has a dress on… Uh, she never get’s naked. There’s no nudity, there’s no nudity in there.


And here we all thought PAC money was raised at local bake sales. Evidently not. The local and bake sale parts, that is.