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I know I’ve implied that various GOP big guns, both nationally and at the state level, would like to spit in Todd Akin’s face. But I never imagined that the idea of homicide was floating through their fevered dreams. However, Carl Rove managed to go there, all in good fun of course:

Rove joked to donors in Tampa on Thursday, “If he’s found mysteriously murdered, don’t look for my whereabouts!”

It must be killing Rove, this democracy thingie, where you have to actually defer to the will of the people, no matter how misguided. Especially since, as Fired up Missouri has pointed out, he’s got five, count ’em, five far more tractable candidates lined up, gussied up and guaranteed to walk the party line with no unseemly drama, all of them salivating to take Akin’s place. Additionally – and this must really hurt – he’s also got 70 very rich donors who’d probably like nothing more than to buy one of these good little GOP boys or girls a Senate seat.

For his part, Akin’s making the requisite outraged noises, but in a rather muted key, as behooves one who believes in turning the other cheek – at least as long as there’s some hope that the GOP moneymen will relent:

Given the current FBI investigation of threats against Congressman Akin and calls for acts of violence and rape against his family and staff, joking as to the potential murder of Congressman Akin is deeply disturbing,” Akin’s congressional press secretary Steve Taylor said in a statement Friday. “I am certain he misspoke.”

And, indeed, he is getting some assistance from the world of professional GOPdom in the person of a a former aide to Newt Gingrich, Rick Tyler, who’ll be helping out the Akin family members who’ve been responsible for running his campaign up to now. It’ll be interesting to see if the campaign takes on a more polished tone. Is it really possible to disguise a skunk by giving it a professional dyejob?