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Never has a political campaign made it so easy for their opponents. The Obama campaign didn’t even have to work to come up with the excellent video summary of Mitt Romneys convention speech (below) which describes Romney’s purported “plan” for America. My question: who calls a set of nice-sounding but fuzzy goals a plan? Isn’t this guy supposed to be an MBA? As I remember from my days as a manager, a plan also needs, in jargon-speak, specific “deliverables” and strategies for attaining them. If Mitt were to package his “plan” as his “aspirations” that would be nice, but then, of course, they don’t differ to much from what we all would wish for. Which, I think, means that anyone of us might do just as well as Mitt in the presidency – who’s to really know?

Of course, the Obama folks are more than willing to fill in some of the blank spaces that Romney left:

For me the real attention grabber in the clips from Romney’s speech – I think it rolled over my head last night – was the part (abut 53 seconds in) where he says that “when the world needs someone to do the really big stuff, you need an American.” Do you possibly think that the implication is that President Obama and those of us who agree with his (real, actual) policy proposals aren’t real Americans? Evidently, real Americans are those, like Romney, who don’t dare let anyone know what it is they’re really proposing to do. Hence, the innuendo directed at the Kenyan President, and fuzzy feel-good rhetoric which is supposed to make the ignorant hoi polloi feel good about Mittens. Holy shades of Sarah Palin! Haven’t we had enough of this kind of tripe already?