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Todd Akin spoke truer than we knew at the time when, in response to questions about reputed intra-party negotiations to replace him with another GOP contender, he declared:

There may be some negotiations,” he added, “but they don’t include me.

The evidence, via Think Progress:

This morning on ABC News, however, Mary Matalin – a well-connected GOP operative – suggested that Republicans would run a write-in candidate to defeat Akin. Matlin said that, if necessary, Republicans would “transfer the money” to Ann Wagner – a former chairwoman of the Missouri GOP who is currently running for Congress – to run as a 3rd party or write-in candidate.

I would be tempted to say that this means that the GOP cares more about winning than about playing by the rules of a democracy – Akin won his primary fair and square after all – but it’s not clear that a GOP-sponsored challenger will do anything for anyone but Claire McCaskill.  Apart from the satisfaction some state GOP bigwigs may get from, metaphorically speaking, spitting in Akin’s face, splitting the GOP vote between the evangelicals and the big-business faction doesn’t seem like a really good idea. As far as the moral high road goes, Akin was right, for all the good it’ll probably do him, when he said that “This is an election, not a selection.”

There is, of course, a certain irony that comes into play when we hear Todd Akin defending the democratic process. He hasn’t always been so keen on majority rule according to some recent statements (h/t MinistryofTruth at DailyKos):

The money quote:

The Founders were really down on the idea of Democracy, they despised it, because they understood the danger of a rabble getting all excited about something and not knowing all the facts and going off half-cocked and doing the wrong thing.

Personally, I’m not sure that the fact that we have a representative rather than a direct democracy means that the founders despised democracy; nor do the checks and balances that are intended to prevent the dictatorship of the majority constitute a repudiation of democracy, but rather function as a mechanism that keeps our diverse democracy safe from religious theocrats like Rep. Akin. Nevertheless, if one is to take Matalin seriously, it does seem as if the members of the Missouri GOP political establishment might really believe that the hoi polloi in their rank-and-file need the benefit of the party’s supervision and superior wisdom.

Afterthought:  Of course, if the GOP ran the party’s go-to girl, Ann Wagner, against McCAskill, that would leave the GOP slot in the 2nd to some small potatoes also-ran. So if the GOP vote is split in the Senate race and the Democratic challenger in the 2nd, whom I believe is Glenn Koenen, actually got some party support, we might manage to get rid of not only Todd Akin, but Wagner as well? Too much to hope for?  

Then again, this strategically leaked rumor may only be one more part of the psy-ops strategy that the GOP is running against Akin. It may just be too dumb to be anything else.