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Obama/Biden 2012 released a “theatrical trailer” video in anticipation of the start of the republican National Convention in Tampa:

[Romney advisers believe he’s viewed as “stiff, aloof, and distant”

and that the GOP convention will be “a chance for a fresh start”

their plan includes mad men “slick packaging” and a “theatrical,” Hollywood-style reinvention.]

Narrator: In a world where thousands of jobs were destroyed by his corporate takeovers.

Worker: One day we had a job, the next day we didn’t.

Narrator: From a state where his economic record was a failure, he faces an election where the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Mitt Romney (r): This a battle for the soul of America.

Narrator: And he’s tried it all.

Mitt Romney (r): I love this state. It seems right here, the trees are the right height.

Corporations are people, my friend.

I stand by whatever I said, whatever it was.

Narrator: But nothing is working.

Pundit: Mitt Romney’s favorability rating is about half President Obama’s.

Second Pundit: fifty percent of Americans view Mitt Romney unfavorably.

Narrator: His only hope is a convention reinvention.

And an etch-a-sketch of epic proportions will be shaken to its core.

Mitt Romney (r): I’m running for office, for Pete’s sake.

Narrator: On August 30th Mitt Romney stars in The Do-over. critics have called his previous work “wildly misleading”, “four pinocchios”, “pants on fire”.

Rated N, for not gonna work.


Heh. Turn loose sarcastic people who love and understand popular culture and work in politics and see what you can do?

You’ve gotta love the audio of the scratchy optical sound track at the very beginning. We are not worthy.