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Talking Points Memo is out with the startling revelation that there’s not much space between the three Missouri GOP primary senatorial candidates, Rep. Todd Akin, Businessman John Brunner, and Sarah Steelman. What differences there are tend to be expressed in how the candidates present themselves. TPM‘s Eric Kleefield lays out their distinguishing traits as follows:

– – Akin has a suburban St. Louis base and is maybe a little farther out on the shaky edge of the right wing than the others. And he’s very, very, religious in a scary, right-wing Christian way.

— Steelman plays to the rural Central and Southwestern part of the state, which probably accounts for her cowgirl act – what TPM calls a propensity to “make trouble a la Sarah Palin,” whose endorsement Steelman has tried to exploit twenty ways to Sunday.

— Brunner is very rich and very inexperienced politically and thinks that’s why he should be elected.

Sounds about right to me – we’ll know by this evening which of these minor cosmetic variations in the generic Tea Party Missouri politician prevails.