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Today’s polling info re the battle for Claire McCaskill’s Senate seat (via The Daily Kos):

MO-SEN (Rasmussen):

John Brunner (R) 49, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) 43;

Sarah Steelman (R) 49, McCaskill 43;

Todd Akin (R) 47, McCaskill 44

MO-SEN-R (Internal poll, as reported by Dave Catanese): John Brunner 29, Todd Akin 27, Sarah Steelman 25

What to make of the Senate poll? McCaskill’s working her way up – maybe folks are beginning to learn just that crucial bit more about her opponents as the campaigns heat up? If greater knowledge of the candidates is the reason for McCaskill’s improved figures, it looks like there are some people at least who don’t like what they’re learning. I assume it’s this type of consideration that prompts John Brunner to say as little about policy issues as he can – aside from the obligatory GOP boilerplate. Unfortunately, in a three-way primary, nobody else is going to observe the “quiet” rule when it comes to Brunner; it’s fair to expect that he’ll get his sooner or later.

When it comes to the question of the GOP primary candidates, is it too early yet to assess whether or not Palin has done anything, good or bad for Steelman? And do I remember incorrectly, or is Todd Akin inching up? Maybe McCaskill has done him some good after all.