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This is apparently the group that called me: Target Point Consulting.  The caller said she was in Orem, Utah.  She sounded Indian.

I said, because I think, I an independent.

It was focused on the Senate race. Was it a push-poll?  

I was told to say how angry (from 0-100)I was when I heard the a number of statements about McCaskill.

The topics after the fold.  

Here are the topics I wrote down:

McCaskill did not pay certain taxes on time.

McCaskill voted to cut Medicare.

McCaskill voted to raise the debt ceiling 7 times.

McCaskill’s husband profited by the stimulus because of the provision on Section 8 housing.

McCaskill voted for a stimulus package that paid for studying ants in Africa.

McCaskill voted to raise the price of energy.

McCaskill voted to raise the number of bureaucrats determining our health care.

I was asked whether I was pro-life and whether the NRA endorsement would make me more likely or less likely to vote for a candidate.

I was not pushed to say who I would support for president. As an independent, of course I don’t know yet.  I am neither a Republican or a Democrat.

I was not given any name of a Republican candidate against McCaskill.

I was asked my race, not my age, not my martial status. I was asked how often I vote.

So, a push poll or the Republican National Committee or the Club for Growth trying to figure out how to attack McCaskill?