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Teresa Hensley, Cass County Prosecutor and the Democratic party candidate in the 4th Congressional District, has her first television ad out today:

[Ron Eads, father of Ruth Eads]

Ronald Eads: My daughter was with her boyfriend. He decided that he wanted to party a little bit and he, uh, wrecked the car, killed her.

[Ruth Eads (1988-2007)]

When it’s time to be firm Teresa wasn’t afraid of that high falutin’ lawyer. She’s always about getting things done.

[Teresa Hensley, Prosecutor, Cass County, MO]

Teresa Hensley: As Prosecutor you don’t get to choose your battles. I know how to take on a tough fight and win. I do it every day.

We need that in Washington, taking on tough fights and getting results for Missouri families.

I’m Teresa Hensley and I approve this message.

There is a big difference.