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John Brunner, one of three republican candidates in the August U.S. Senate primary gets the treatment of Majority PAC in an ad:

Narrator: He keeps saying he’ll bring down the debt.

John Brunner (ad): They will not cuts spending, but I will.

Narrator: But John Brunner’s business record says something else. He saddled his own company with one hundred ninety-five million in debt. It was downgraded, rated a higher credit risk. And under Brunner’s leadership the company nearly shut down. John Brunner, debt, mismanagement. How can he fix our problems if he’s part of the problem?

Majority PAC is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Majority PAC?:

Our Mission

Majority PAC was founded by experienced, aggressive Democratic strategists with one mission: Protect the Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate.

That majority-the firewall against the radical Tea Party agenda-is under attack in 2012. Democrats must defend 23 seats, compared to only 10 Republican seats. And only four seats separate Republicans from control of the Senate.

In 2010, the Citizens United decision allowed Karl Rove and a network of Republican-aligned third-party groups to outspend Democrats on television alone by $50 million-swamping the Democratic message in virtually every top Senate race and nearly handing the Senate to the GOP along with the House. Rove has already pledged to spend even more-$240 million-plus-in 2012.

But this time, Majority PAC will level the playing field. Running a transparent, low-overhead, take-no-prisoners Independent Expenditure campaign, we will aggressively contest critical open seats, exploit opportunities to take over Republican seats and expand our firewall, and respond to attacks from Rove and his allies on Democratic Senate candidates.

With your support, Majority PAC will change the game. We will not let Karl Rove buy the Senate. We will hold Republicans accountable. We will protect the Democratic firewall in 2012.

It’s about time.