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…you’ve seen all of the tractors in the district?

Freedom PAC, at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C091269: Freedom Pac

Information Reported On: 2012 – July Quarterly Report

Beginning Money on Hand $1,414.78

Monetary Receipts + $0.00

Monetary Expenditures – $0.00

Contributions Made – $0.00

Other Disbursements – $1,000.00

Subtotal     ($1,000.00)

Ending Money On Hand   $414.78

[emphasis added]

Well, that isn’t very much money (up to June 30th).

And then:

C091269 07/13/2012 FREEDOM PAC Herzog Contracting Corp 600 S Riverside Road St Joseph MO 64507 7/13/2012 $54,409.15

[emphasis added]

What on earth would they spend that kind of money on?

Today we received a fifteen inch by twelve inch slick mail piece – that’s huge and very expensive:

An attack piece directed at Senator David Pearce (r) who is facing an August primary with Mike McGhee (r).

And on the other side of the mail piece:

Why, that’s Mike McGhee with a tractor.

And who paid for that mail piece?:

Well, look at that. You’ve got to wonder if it was $54,409.15 worth of mail.

Here’s an interesting detail:

How’s that previous support for Mike McGhee working out for you, AFL-CIO?

…Mike McGhee took on union bosses to protect the right to secret ballots, and stop union bosses from taking money out of workers’ paychecks without permission…

Yeah, that filthy union money, via the Missouri Ethics Commission:



Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 562 Voluntary Political, Educational, Legislative, Charity & Defense Fund 12385 Larimore Road St. Louis, MO 63138 9/28/2010 $500.00

Missouri AFL-CIO COPE 227 Jefferson Street Jefferson City, MO 65101 9/29/2010 $200.00

[emphasis added]

And that was just a quick search of one campaign finance report.

The people who paid for this mail piece and the people who created it think the people in the district are too stupid to notice.

And the tractor? We’ve seen that before, on a mail piece paid for by and and on behalf of Mike McGhee’s (r) campaign:

Detail from a previous mail piece paid for and on behalf of Mike McGhee (r).

Why, that’s the same tractor and Mike McGhee is wearing the same clothing. Fancy that.

You’d think they’d arrange for a change of clothes during the photo session.

Another mail piece paid for and on behalf of Mike McGhee:

Ah, the usual right wingnut drivel.

Pass the popcorn.


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