The August primary is near.

As we’ve noted before, it’s a rarity these days to come across a campaign sign with a candidate’s party affiliation printed on it. Here are two exceptions, spotted in Johnson County in west central Missouri:

Scott Rupp (left) is one of several republican party candidates for Secretary of State in the August primary.

Gary Grigsby is one of two Democratic Party candidates in the 51st Legislative District

(the sign is from a previous campaign – the numbering has changed due to redistricting).

What in….?

No party affiliation indicated. Samantha Hill and Heather Myers-Reynolds are both republican candidates

for Johnson County Treasurer in the August primary.

No party affiliation indicated. Candidates for Johnson County Sheriff in the August primary.

Brian Hobbs? We have no idea. Chuck Heiss is the incumbent and a republican.

No party affiliation indicated. Bill Stouffer is a republican candidate for Secretary of State.

Bill Collins is a republican candidate in the 17th Circuit, Division 1 and does not have a primary opponent.

The campaign consultant industrial complex conventional wisdom tells candidates to not put their party affiliation on their signs. If the republican brand is supposedly so strong, why would that matter? Just asking.


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