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The festivities have started.

Fireworks last night at Powell Gardens in Kingsville, Missouri after the annual “Booms and Blooms”

outdoor concert performed by the Lee’s Summit Symphony Orchestra.

And, yes, the temperature was close to 100 degrees at the start of yesterday evening’s over two hour concert.

And, of course, we’re back on line after a service interruption (you’re reading this, aren’t you?). We’re a Soapblox site. That’s our platform. The service interruption was caused by the storm on the East Coast which brought down one of the Amazon data centers hosting Soapblox sites early Saturday morning. Soapblox (a whole pile of progressive blogs) “was affected by the Amazon outage along with other sites, like Instagram and Netflix.”

….In this area, an event called a progressive derecho occurred. A progressive derecho is a powerful line of fast-moving thunderstorms that causes a very long swath of wind damage. The damage from Friday’s derecho stretched over 750 miles from Chicago to the Atlantic Coast….

….Derechos are a common type of severe weather during the summer, and they occur most frequently during intense heat waves like the one most of the central and east is experiencing this weekend….

….A derecho is simply a bow echo, or a line of storms with damaging winds. The difference between a bow echo and a derecho is that a derecho lasts for hundreds of miles. It’s essentially a bow echo on steroids….

We’re held together with spit, baling wire and duct tape, so I just thought at the time that somebody had tripped over a plug. Evidently not.