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The campaign of Susan Montee (D), former State Auditor and currently a Democratic Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor, released a video from the opening this past Saturday of the Moniteau County Democratic headquarters in California, Missouri:

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Resa Dudley:…we need volunteers for the Teresa Hensley campaign. I’ll say it again, that’s right…

Van Adams: You see, the purpose of this office is that if we have anybody over there in that county office, that the Democrats, that they have some support. ‘Cause we want to see more office holders in that courthouse over there and fewer former Democratic office holders in Moniteau County, Missouri.

[ribbon cutting]

Susan Montee: Welcome to California, Missouri where we’ve just opened up the Democratic headquarters of Moniteau County. All over this state we’ve got Democratic headquarters opening in all of our counties. We’re not gonna give up any county this year. It’s important to have everyone out working for our election in November.

Ron Monnig: We’ve got a Republican presidential, potential, nominee that just last week criticized our President for saying we needed to hire more policemen, firefighters,a nd teachers. What’s that say about the Republican party?

Van Adams: And we should no longer hang our heads and act like we’re ashamed to be Democrats, because we’re not. [voice: “Yeah, that’s right.][applause] So, at the end of the day and this November, General Motors is alive, and Osama bin Laden is dead. And we’re all going go forward [applause], every one of us, for Barack Obama.

Susan Montee: I want to thank you guys all so much for coming out and for having a headquarters and being willing to work because that’s the only way we’re gonna get our turnout for the November election. And the November election is, is just a huge issue for us in terms of turnout. Because we saw what happened in twenty-ten when we didn’t get our votes out. And it wasn’t, it wasn’t this big landslide in Missouri where people who had voted Democratic shifted over and voted Republican. That didn’t happen. It’s just our people stayed home…

…I wouldn’t be in this race if I didn’t believe I was the best candidate with the best chance to win in November…

…Right now I just want to be part of what is a wonderful opportunity, which is to open up a headquarters in places where we haven’t had it. So, thanks so much for having me and, uh, let’s get going with the festivities…

From almost five years ago:

We Need a 114 County Strategy (August 28, 2007)

….get an office in every county in the state.  It can be as simple as a dedicated cell phone that a real person can answer or return calls from.  Someone who can pass out signs and answer questions and give out information.

Second, start showing up everywhere – this goes for both the candidates and the state party….

Uh, yep.