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Wisconsin recall election breaks state’s political spending records

Published: 12:44 PM 06/04/2012

….Many high-dollar donations have come from anti-union billionaires including Dick DeVos, David Koch, and Sheldon Adelson. Walker’s top three contributors contributed more money to his campaign than Barrett’s campaign has collected overall….

[emphasis added]

Via Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler ‏@RepHartzler

A victory tonight for fiscal responsibility and job creation. May it spread from Wisconsin across the nation. 9:28 PM – 5 Jun 12


Wisconsin Recall Election – total raised:  

Walker, Scott [R] $30,505,082.66

Barrett, Tom [D] $3,938,574.59

Trivedi, Hariprasad $120,089.63

[emphasis added]

If corporations were people and could vote it would have been a landslide. Oh, wait…

Missouri is not Wisconsin and the Koch Brothers probably aren’t willing to spend it all on every Congressional race. Probably.