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Via Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler ‏ @RepHartzler

The EPA and Pres. Obama must be stopped. We need to use the resources our country is blessed with including clean coal. 3:29 PM – 2 Apr 12

[emphasis added]

From 2008:

The Dirty Truth About Clean Coal

….Despite the eagerness of the coal and power industries to sanitize their image and the desire of U.S. politicians to push a healthy-sounding alternative to expensive foreign oil and natural gas, clean coal is still a misnomer.

Environmental legislation enacted in 1990 forced the operators of coal-fired power plants to reduce pollutants that cause acid-rain. But such plants, which provide half of U.S. electricity, are the country’s biggest source of greenhouse-gas emissions linked to global warming. No coal plant can control its emissions of heat-trapping carbon dioxide. “Clean coal’ is like a healthy cigarette,'” says Blan Holman, an attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center in Charleston, S.C. “It doesn’t exist….”

Clean coal. Healthy cigarette.

Let’s add two more to the list.