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There’s no unified results to the March 17th portion of the Missouri caucuses. In some counties, Romney-Paul delegates were slated. In some, Santorum delegates were slated. In St. Charles County, the police were called and the caucuses were cancelled without a vote. So I suspect that caucuses will not replace primaries for the nomination of party candidates in Missouri any time soon.

Perhaps they should have just moved the primary to March last fall when they had a chance. Instead of having the House and Senate refuse to do anything, holding a sparsely attended primary, and now holding a series of caucuses with more twists, Calvinball-esque rules, and nuances than you would expect from people calling themselves conservative.

By the way, we still have 2 caucuses left, Jackson County (where they’ll hold it in one place) and the city of St. Louis (where it could be held in a restaurant without any problems).

The Missouri caucus delegate leaderboard is

Chaos 167

Santorum 100

Romney 94

Rom-Paul 91

Ron Paul 87

Unity Republicans Who Aren’t Ron Paul 85

People United Against Recording Devices 71

Mass Hysteria 56

Newt Gingrich 12