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Sometimes an individual can’t help going out of their way to confirm what everyone else has long since figured out. Last week:

Friday, Feb. 24, 2012

Herschel Young announces bid for Congress

By Allen Edmonds, The Democrat Missourian

Ousted Presiding County Commissioner Herschel Young has set his sights on Washington.

The rural Harrisonville resident announced this week that he intends to run as a Democrat for the Fourth District U.S. House seat currently held by Republican Vicky Hartzler. Cass County Prosecuting Attorney Teresa Hensley, whose quo warranto action against Young precipitated his ouster as county commissioner the day he was sworn in, indicated several weeks ago her plan to run for Hartzler’s seat as a Democrat as well.

Cass County Presiding Circuit Judge Jacqueline Cook affirmed Hensley’s quo warranto motion ousting Young due to a 1995 felony assault conviction, but set aside the final order removing him from office pending appeal. She did, however, grant a motion barring him from serving as county commissioner during the appeal process.

Young’s final appeal before the Missouri Supreme Court was heard in November 2011, but the high court has yet to rule….

[emphasis added]

In 2010:

Election Summary Report



Summary For Jurisdiction Wide, All Counters, All Races




Number of Precincts 48

Precincts Reporting 48 100.0 %

Total Votes 34304

GARY MALLORY DEM 15704 45.78%

HERSCHEL L. YOUNG REP 18554 54.09%

Write-in Votes 46 0.13%

[emphasis added]

republican or Democrat, which is it?

2012 ain’t 2010.

Unlike republican voters in Cass County in the 2010 general election, Democratic primary voters in the 4th Congressional District in 2012 are going to be able to figure this one out.


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11CA-CV00001 State of Mo Ex Inf T Hensley v. Herschel L Young (February 4, 2011)

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