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File this one under “What color is the sky in their world?”:

Posted on Fri, Feb. 10, 2012 11:42 PM

Rep. Vicki Hartzler, tea party face similar challenges


The Star’s Washington correspondent

….Hartzler blamed the news media.

“I think people are only being told one side of the story,” she said. “I’ve gone to town halls and people say, ‘Why don’t you pass a jobs bill?’ We (House Republicans) passed 30….”

….In an interview with the American Family Association, a Christian group, at the start of her term, Hartzler was more expansive:

“The reality is that the good people of this country who love it, who love God, who love each other, who are concerned about the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual agenda of the current administration, they were the ones that got down on their knees and started praying for this country after the ’08 election.”

That’s interesting spin.

The “jobs” part at town halls? Not exactly:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r): town hall in Warrensburg, part 1 (August 11, 2011)

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) at the Community Center in Warrensburg, Missouri on August 10, 2011.

….Voice: It’s not uncertainty about the economy, it’s a lack of con [crosstalk], consumer demand. [crosstalk] [voice: “Yeah.”][applause][voice: “Yeah, all right.”]

Voice: Consumer demand is lacking because people do not have jobs. They don’t have the money to [crosstalk]…

Voice: People don’t have money.

Representative Hartzler: Okay, let me [crosstalk]…

Voice: You all were supposed to [inaudible] [crosstalk]on jobs when you came in office. [voice: “Yeah.”]

Representative Hartzler: Wait, wait, wait [crosstalk] just a minute.

Voice: Jobs!

Voice: That’s what you said.

Voice: You said you were jobs, you didn’t [crosstalk] say anything about fighting the President.

Representative Hartzler: All right [crosstalk]. Listen, listen [crosstalk]…

Voice: When, when you ran your campaign [crosstalk] the only thing we heard was jobs, jobs, jobs [crosttalk], jobs, jobs. [crosstalk] You get into office and the only thing we hear out of you now is abortion [inaudible].

Voice: We were gonna fix it, that’s what you said.

Voice: You said you were a teabagger and that you were gonna fight the President. Why?

Voice: Quiet down and listen.

Voice: [crosstalk] …farm subsidies.

Representative Hartzler: Uh, we are gonna have [crosstalk][inaudible] conversation and then there’ll be time for any of the comments. But I’m gonna say this, we’re gonna have a respectful town hall here [crosstalk] [voice: “You don’t like (inaudible)”] and we’re gonna listen. I want you to have lis, respect everybody. Listen. And then I’m gonna listen to you. [voice: “You’re not doing a very good job”] And that’s the way this town hall’s gonna be run. If you don’t feel comfortable with that you’re welcome to not participate. But I want to hear your ideas and [crosstalk]… [multiple voices, some inaudible]

Voice: Well then good, then let’s begin. [crosstalk] Then let’s begin, let’s begin.

Voice: Let’s let her talk first.

Voice: [crosstalk]…our ideas.

Voice: Who owns our debt? [crosstalk]

Representative Hartzler: We have forty-seven percent [crosstalk] of our foreign debt [crosstalk] is caused, held by the [inaudible]. Okay.

Voice: She’s our representative in Congress [crosstalk] isn’t she?

Voice: And she’ll let you talk in a minute.

Representative Hartzler: Shh. All right….

Teh gay and abortion stuff? Yep.

From the Star article:

….Republican State Sen. Chris Molendorp, who knows both Hensley and Hartzler, said the congresswoman is “kind of a hometown hero” and will be tough to beat. “She is really hitting her stride….”

Stride? More spin.

Oh, and by the way, Chris Molendorp (r) is a state representative, not a state senator.