By @BGinKC

I’m going to be honest here — I have never given The Daily Caller any serious consideration at all. I mean, it’s a Tucker Carlson joint, and Jon Stewart has a higher opinion of that schmuck than I do.

So it makes me cranky when I am forced to pay attention to him and/or any project he happens to be involved with, which is where I find myself now. I scoffed when Carlson announced the launch of the site, and probably mused about the underwriter of the wingnut welfare checks that were supporting him.

Now it seems pretty clear who is behind him. Or at least it does to me, anyway.

The Daily Caller has been the driving force in trying to keep the “Fast & Furious” gun-walking scandal alive — and they recently added a tab to the top of their site. The “Guns and Gear” page regurgitates NRA propaganda and talking points and features articles by such Second Amendment champions as OIiver North and Jerry Curry. They have even gone so far as to poll about an imaginary “U.N. gun ban.”

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t believe in coincidences. Not ones that big, anyway. Not when the attacks on Attorney General Holder and calls for his resignation by the Daily Caller coincide with the appearance of the Guns and Gear tab last month. Someone with more time and resources than I have ought to try to follow the money…

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