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On his campaign website, Republican Dave Spence, the plastics guru running for governor, says he “earned a degree in Economics” from the University of Missouri.

That may be true – but it is not entirely accurate.

According to the university, Spence’s degree is not in economics. It is in home economics.

Well, if Spence keeps twisting the truth like this, he’ll be cooked.

I think Dave will need a better line to bail out of this than..

“I was not the greatest student in the world,” Spence said. “I’ll make fun of myself: I was a 60-watt bulb in a 100-watt society.”

He may be a 60-watt Dave, but he has a 2 megawatt campaign treasury to modify his bio and make it accurate, right?

Oh. Well, he’ll get around to it. It takes time to make your alpha packaging accurate packaging.