Today, the white smoke came out of the chimney of the Redistricting Commission and maps were submitted with the Secretary of State.

Quick and Dirty Missouri Senate Redistricting comments

Because there are 34 Senate Districts and 163 House Districts and the house map is a bit disorienting (the winner of the House redistricting? the printers who will have to make new business cards for every House member).. I will start with the Senate.

First Impressions, District by District

District 1: Becomes more Republican as the STL County areas closest to the City move to the 4th District. Jim Lembke is the Incumbent.

District 2: Loses Lincoln County and takes in the more Republican Western half of St. Charles. Open in 2014.

District 3: Acquires Cape Girardeau and Perry. Keeps St. Francois and Ste. Genevieve. Can’t imagine it not going Republican. Open in 2012

District 4: Veers into Lemay. Safe Democratic. Joe Keaveny is the incumbent.

District 5: Moves a bit West intl St. Louis. Safe Democratic. Robin Wright-Jones is the incumbent.

District 6: Moves towards the Ozarks. Mike Kehoe is the Incumbent.

District 7: New Seat. Takes in a lot of traditionally Dem turf and some long-standing Republican areas. Should be competitive in 2012.

District 8: Is shaped like a blade. Goes from the Jackson/Lafayette line on 24 Highway to Longview Lake. Will Kraus is the incumbent.

District 9: Now goes from Ruskin Lake to the Historic Northeast KC. Kiki Curls is the Incumbent.

District 10: Goes from North Kansas City to Belton. Seriously. I doubt the additions will be able to overwhelm the Plaza/Brookside core of the district. This district will be open in 2014. Until then, hope Raymore enjoys Jolie Justus.

District 11: Independence and Raytown stay together. Although some areas move from 8 to 11. The seat is open and Paul LeVota is still the only contender in the ring for the 11th.

District 12: A lot more compact. Still Republican. Takes in Ray County. Open in 2014.

District 13: Moves towards Bridgeton. Open in 2012.

District 14: Takes in Clayton and Richmond Heights. Loses space in the Western end of the district. Represented by Maria Chappelle-Nadal.

District 15: Moves from Maplewood/Webster Groves to Peerless Park to Ballwin. Represented by Eric Schmitt.

District 16: A lot more concise. Goes from Rolla to Camdenton with Lebanon and Waynesville as destinations. Representated by Dan Brown.

District 17: Clay County (except for North KC and Kearney). Liberty. Gladstone. Pleasant Valley. Should still be competitive. But moved a bit to the Republicans. Open in 2012.

District 18: Adds some Republican areas (Trenton), adds Moberly, drops Mexico and Pike County. Represented by Brian Munzlinger.

District 19: Boone and Howard County reunited. Randolph County seemed to be more Republican friendly than Howard County lately. Represented by Kurt Schaefer. Could be competitive.

District 20: Republican County. Eastern Greene County, Webster, Wright, Christian, Douglas. Represented by Jay Wasson.

District 21: Now adds Warrensburg, David Pearce, and Sedalia. Why they had to split Johnson County is a mystery, but the House map is worse for the County. Could be competitive with the right candidate. Represented by David Pearce.

District 22: Most of Jefferson County, Washington County, Iron County, Reynolds County, and Madison County. Open in 2014, should be competitive but leans Dem. Why Jefferson County doesn’t have it’s own seat is a mystery.

District 23: Eastern St. Charles. The bluer St. Charles District. Represented by Tom Dempsey.

District 24: Maryland Heights, Part of Chesterfield, Olivette. Represented by John Lamping (who has a few years to move in if he wants it).

District 25: The entire Bootheel is in one district with Bollinger, Scott, Stoddard and Wayne Counties. The seat is open as well. So it might be competitive in 2012.

District 26: Crawford, Franklin, Gasconade, and Warren Counties. Represented by Brian Nieves.

District 27: Moved to West County STL and Northern Jefferson County. I think Jane Cunningham lives here now.

District 28: Nevada, Stockton, Bolivar, Buffafo, Willard. Republican Country. Represented by Michael Parson

District 29: The Ultimate Republican Country. Open in 2012.

District 30: Springfield! Might be slightly bluer. But still represented by Bob Dixon.

District 31: A lot of the current 28th and 31st districts, along with Southeastern Jackson County. Open Seat.

District 32: Jasper and Newton Counties. Represented by Ron Richard.

District 33: Poplar Bluff to Theodosia. Goes north to Texas and Dent Counties. Open Seat. Doesn’t Frank Barnitz live here?

District 34: Buchanan and Platte Counties. Same district. Represented by Rob Schaaf.

Overall, there isn’t a drastic change from the cruel status quo of the Missouri Senate. There are some oddities from the line drawing hurt Dems. But there are opportunities as well.

So here’s the map, with the seats open in 2012 in white, and the seats are open in 2014 in the color of the 2010 victor:

Jackson and Clay Counties:

St. Louis and St. Charles Counties: