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Previously: Holmes Osborne (D) on Occupy Wall Street (October 27, 2011)

Holmes Osborne (D) who ran against Mike McGhee (r) in the 122nd Legislative District in 2010 and is an announced candidate for the House in 2012 held a fundraiser in Warrensburg this evening. Mike McGhee (r) is term limited out of the House (and currently a candidate for the Senate). The Legislative District boundaries have yet to be determined in the redistricting process. There should be a decision on that within the next few weeks.

Nevertheless, serious candidates have to be well established in their fundraising and campaign planning if they hope to be successful in the election which will take place less than a year from now. Even if they don’t yet know the boundaries of their district.

Holmes Osborne (center) at his campaign fundraiser in Warrensburg.

Holmes Osborne was introduced by Representative Joe Aull (D) who praised his intelligence and his commitment to public service. Mr. Osborne then spoke about the current state of the General Assembly and the challenges currently facing Missouri. Jobs, the economy, public education, and infrastructure were a few of the issues he addressed which were areas of interest for those at the event. There was a lengthy discussion among those present about the distressing propensity of the current General Assembly to spend time on distractions rather than address those big issues facing the state.

These type of events at this stage of a campaign allow a candidate to spend more time in substantive conversation with supporters and voters. As the campaign gets closer to the election those opportunities become less frequent as the demands of door to door and get out the vote take over.