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Evidently Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (r) doesn’t believe in the First Amendment… (November 24, 2011)

Now it’s getting interesting (November 27, 2011)

Via twitter:

@emmakate988 Emma Sullivan

East! I just got off the phone w/ dr. k, he knows this was never aimed at him & this is out of control. Lets move on. 1 hour ago

I think someone got a lot of e-mails, phone calls, and letters.

The lesson one should take from this is that for anyone who gets swallowed up by our culture there’s no controlling the ride.

Update: And the right wingnuts come out of the woodwork.

@kmbzdarla Darla Jaye

Wonder if @emmakate988 EmmaSullivans proud of the 100’S of Death Threats,cut home phoneline,Police Protection Dr.Krawitz needs? #teamkrawitz 2 hours ago

kmbzdarla Darla Jaye

Actions have consequences.Perhaps u could use ur new found fame, & go on TV & tell people 2leav ur Principal alone @emmakate988 #teamkrawitz 1 hour ago

@markg0077 Mark G

@emmakate988 You are a skid mark of curiosity and example of petulant immaturity. Only because of the request for an apology and media. :$ 54 minutes ago

@emmeffemm Mike Murray

18 is awfully young to be “consigned to the dustbin of history,” as @emmakate988 is about to learn. 15 mins. nearly up. 54 minutes ago

@fumetti Michael RochesterGuy

@emmakate988 after you go on television to publicize your own actions, you want to move on? Immature little twit. 1 hour ago

Becuase Governor Sam Brownback (r) and other supposedly “responsible” adults didn’t do a thing, right?

And then…

@KMBZnews KMBZ News

Students start to gather outside Shawnee Mission East in support of principal in Twitter flap. #Brownback @Emmakate988 25 minutes ago