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Missourians have been busy signing letters today – and at least some of Missouri’s Democratic pols are doing so in a good cause – protesting the new, reconfigured, better-than-ever, poll tax proxies that constitute the latest salvos in the newly energized GOP war on voting:

House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) and Ranking Member of the House Administration Committee Robert Brady (PA-01) led a letter sent to Secretaries of State today urging them to oppose new state measures adopted over the last year that would make it harder for eligible voters to register or vote. The letter was signed by 196 House Democrats, including Hoyer and Brady.

Adding their names to the letter were all three of Missouri’s Democratic House members, Emanuel Cleaver (05), Russ Carnahan (03), and Lacy Clay (01).  Republicans signing the letter: zero, zip, nada. I guess they were just too scared by the ghost of Acorn or some other fictional agent of non-existent voter fraud. Or maybe they’re just afraid of their own constituents?