Panini and Company Cafe normally sells sandwiches to tourists in Lower Manhattan and the residents nearby, but in recent days its owner, Stacey Tzortzatos, has also become something of a restroom monitor. Protesters from Occupy Wall Street, who are encamped in a nearby park, have been tromping in by the scores, and not because they are hungry.

Tzortzatos’ tolerance for the newcomers finally vanished when the sink was broken and fell to the floor. She installed a $200 lock on the bathroom to thwart nonpaying customers, angering the protesters.


In interviews, [neighborhood residents] said they were especially annoyed that the organizers of the grass-roots movement  neglected to include portable toilets in their plan to bring down Wall Street.

I can’t say whether the protesters in NYC haven’t had the presence of mind to install several Johnny On-the-Spots, but I have been to Kiener Plaza in STL and seen the one that our protestors have. Seen it? Hell, I’ve used it and been grateful. But did I take a picture of it? Well … no. I’ll remedy that next time I’m there. Meantime the picture of a totally different Johnny will have to fill in.

And when you come to Kiener for next Friday’s rally, expect a huge crowd and one porta-potty. Use the facilities wherever you are before you leave for the rally.