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The White House released a video of Kansas City Mayor Sly James speaking about the need for the American Jobs Act:

Everyday when we walk outside of our office, we’re outside of our office quite a bit, I talk to at least a hand full of people who say to me something along the lines of, Mayor, where can I get a job? Mayor, can you help me get a job? Mayor, can you help my brother or my mother get a job? Jobs are at the forefront of people’s minds  

There are no more cranes. When there are no more cranes in the city, that’s not a good sign, because that means not much is getting done. The ripple effect of not being able to build has a huge impact on all sorts of other subsidiary industries. We have roads that are in need of repair and rebuilding, we have bridges that need work, we have water systems that are in desperate need of reworking. And we need the assistance of the Federal government in order to get those big-ticket items done.