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Missouri Progressive Vote Coalition, Missouri Alliance for Retired Americans and Progress Missouri have collaborated on a project at AskToddAkin:

Concerned citizens have been trying to meet with Rep. Todd Akin for weeks to discuss his radical votes and statements attacking Medicare, Social Security and Medicare.

The bad news is that we’ve tried and tried, but Rep. Akin is uninterested in having any sort of public meeting to hear our concerns. If the Congressman has the courage to meet with his constituents, we’d ask him why he:

Voted to end Medicare as we know it, which would force seniors to pay 6,400 dollars more out of pocket every year and buy insurance directly from the insurance companies.

Thinks Medicare is unconstitutional

‘Doesn’t like’ Social Security

Wants the federal government to “get out of the business” of Medicare, Medicaid, education, protecting our air and water, food stamps… and more….

As if anyone should be afraid of their constituents? It must depend on the election cycle and which political party you belong to.

Well, you can certainly ask Representative Akin (r) using the Twitter hashtag #AskToddAkin.